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Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team

The mandate of the Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team (IIPCT) is to promote wholistic health, prevent ill health, treat illness and support our Indigenous communities and their families on their journeys through these realities.
Integrated Care Hub

Integrated Care Hub

The Integrated Care Hub creates a safe and welcoming space where vulnerable individuals can connect with local services they need. It is a Health Home for some of the community’s most vulnerable and marginalized citizens. 
Well Baby Care Clinic

Well Baby Care Clinic

Un centre de santé pour les nourrissons qui n'ont pas de prestataire de soins primaires L'École de sciences infirmières Queen's, les Centres de santé communautaire de Kingston (KCHC) et KFL&A...
Picture of the portable outreach care hub bus

Portable OutReach Care Hub (PORCH)

The Portable OutReach Care Hub - PORCH - provides health care and community services to those who may face barriers to accessing care, particularly those facing homelessness.