Accepting new people for care close to home!

The FLA OHT and its partners are continuing to help attach people who do not have a primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) to a care team close to home.

Starting in mid-April the Greater Napanee Health Home will roster about 5,000 people who live in the Greater Napanee area who don’t have a primary care provider until everyone in their catchment area is attached. 

Residents must have government issued ID as proof that they live within the Health Home catchment area. Primary address is in the Greater Napanee area (see map below).

To roster with the expanding Health Home:

After completing these steps: Please do not call the clinic to inquire about their rostering status. People are asked to be patient as staff work hard to roster registrants to their clinic. Residents eligible to become attached will be contacted by their new Health Home and/or by Health Care Connect with further information on accessing care. 

Locations of the Greater Napanee Health Home sites:

  1. NACHC: 26 Dundas St W, Napanee ON K7R 1Z4
  2. Lenadco Complex: 310 Bridge St W, Napanee ON K7R 0A4
    • Suite CO1 Unit A
    • Suite CO1 Unit B
    • Unit G1
    • Unit H1
    • Unit H5
  3. Richmond Medical Centre: 307 Bridge St W, Lower Level, Napanee, ON K7R 2G3