About our Ontario Health Team

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are being built across the province to provide a new way of delivering more connected care and facilitating access to care for individuals and their caregivers.

The FLA OHT is committed to developing a team-based health-care system that prioritizes mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social health and wellness to meet our community’s needs.

Our OHT is founded on a bold vision of offering a People-Centred Health Home for everyone our OHT serves. This includes seven principles for care that is equitable, accessible, connected, collaborative, continuous, holistic, and accountable.

Our work towards this vision is being done in partnership with community members and over 70 organizations, grouped into networks of care centered on the needs of people they serve, including home & community care and community support services, long-term care, addictions & mental health, primary care, hospitals, specialists, wellness & equity and education & research.

Why build an Ontario Health Team?

The FLA Ontario Health Team vision for health care in Ontario is well-aligned with the ‘Quintuple Aim,’ an internationally-recognized framework for the design and delivery of an equitable and accessible health-care system.

Our goal is to achieve the Quintuple Aim:

  • Improve the person and caregiver experience
  • Improve the health of populations
  • Improve the work life of providers
  • Improve the value of care, reduce the cost of health care
  • Improve health equity by understanding the social determinants of health

The Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Ontario Health Team (FLA OHT) is a group of health and social service partners who have deep roots in the communities across our region.

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A closer look ...

The FLA OHT is made up of a partners from different Networks, as shown in each section. Partners may be part of more than one network.

The Networks are centered on the needs of people they provide for, made up of services and agencies who deliver care in a particular area of our health and wellness system.

Learn more about FLA OHT Partners.

The guiding principles of all FLA OHT work:

  • Equitable – making health care available to everyone in a way that strives to meet their needs, cultural and linguistic preferences and eliminates barriers to care
  • Accessible – offering easy access to the care, services and support we need, when, where and how we need it
  • Holistic – caring for physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual needs – not just specific health problems
  • Connected – providing smooth connections to all the services and supports that are needed to ensure high-quality care
  • Continuous  offering continuity of care across the health and wellness team throughout our entire life spans
  • Collaborative – supporting all providers to work together as a team, and with the people they serve, to deliver care and support holistic health and wellness needs
  • Accountable – ensuring we all take responsibility for creating the best possible, evidence-based health-care quality, experience and outcomes