Priority Work


Access to Primary Care

Increasing access to primary team-based care breaking down barriers to timely equitable care for all

Coordinated Discharge

Coordinating care for smooth transition at discharge, improving communication through digital supports, ensuring attachment to a Health Home and, optimizing home and community care

Integrated Mental Health and Addictions Network

Increasing access for those in need, iImproving supports and building holistic collaborations

Aging Well at Home

Exploring easier access to home care services and advocacy for those in need and working on better collaboration between care and service providers

Palliative Care

Improving quality of life for individuals with serious illness and their families, creating positive integrated care experience for palliative care providers and increasing home visits - decreasing ER visits

Digital Support Structure

Increasing use of digital health tools, improving quality of care by simplifying systems and enhancing collaboration, and simplifying systems and processes to help people, families and providers