What is journey mapping?

Journey mapping is a visual engagement tool used to better understand a person's experience. Journey mapping provides a holistic picture of an individual's experience by capturing the environmental and contextual factors across both single episodes and broader use of care. 

Benefits of journey mapping

  • Provide a common big picture of your experience, enabling health-care providers to identify areas for improvement and create a more person-centered health-care system.
  • Health-care providers can build empathy and compassion for the person's experience, leading to better outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Break down organizational silos, resulting in a more coordinated and efficient health-care system.
  • Bring focus on pain points and areas where people may experience frustration or dissatisfaction.
  • Enable health-care providers to streamline processes, reduce wait times, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Why use journey mapping in the FLA OHT?

The FLA OHT is co-designing the Health Home with both community members and health-care providers to create a more inclusive and person-centered health-care system. 

The purpose of our study was to capture the experience of a primary care visit to help inform how the community members' experience of primary care can be improved as the FLA OHT develops and implements the future Health Home model.