AccessMHA works with you to help find mental health or substance use health and addictions support, services, and care, so you don't have to do it alone. It is available at no cost for individuals aged 16 and above in eastern Ontario.

AccessMHA works with you to refer you to the services you need, all while supporting you through the process. After reaching out to us, you will be paired with a trained mental health, substance use health and addictions intake specialist who will connect you to the services you need from a network of partner organizations.

Unsure where to start? Simply scan the QR code below, visit www.AccessMHA.ca, or give us a call, and we'll guide you to the right services to meet your unique needs.



How can AccessMHA help me or my loved one?
AccessMHA takes away the confusion and difficulty in trying to find services, simplifies the process, and eases the effort needed to find the right services for mental health, substance use health, and addictions. AccessMHA facilitates connections with professionals who work with you to understand your needs and can match you to the right services.

How can I use AccessMHA?
AccessMHA offers multiple access points, including booking an appointment on our website, calling us at 1-833-527-8207, engaging with a staff member, or consulting your primary care provider.

Can I apply for a family member or loved one?
Absolutely! You can request services on behalf of someone else, as long as they are aware of the request and agree to participate in the screening and  assessment appointment.

What happens when I apply? What can I expect?
After reaching out to AccessMHA, you'll select a suitable time for an AccessMHA staff member to call you and discuss your needs. Following the call, you may be directed to one of AccessMHA's partner organizations for services, or our staff can assist you in finding the right service from a local organization.