We acknowledge and respect Indigenous concepts of health and wellbeing. We are working together to build a system that recognizes and offers Indigenous health practices for Indigenous People.

We are committed to engaging with Indigenous Peoples and community members in a good way, using Indigenous teachings and tools in our work, incorporating the community’s suggestions and building stronger partnerships.

We respect these Indigenous concepts as we work together to create a health-care system that is inclusive and equal for all: 

Two Row Wampum
Rahswahérha Mark F. Green describes the importance of the Two Row Wampum as a foundation for the treaty relationship between Haudenosaunee peoples and European peoples in a presentation he gave to the FLA OHT Community Council. He discusses the importance of these treaties for reconciliation, especially in the area of health care.

TOOLKIT of Indigenous-focused approaches and
evaluation indicators for health systems

Toolkit front page

We are pleased to share this resource that was created in a partnership between the FLA OHT and a research team at Queen’s University led by Dr. Amrita Roy. FLA OHT working groups and support structures, including Indigenous members, were consulted at various points during the process of creating this toolkit. 

Based on FLA OHT priorities, rapid literature reviews were conducted on these topics:

  1. Indigenous Peoples and Overall Wellbeing  
  2. Indigenous Peoples and Health Governance
  3. Indigenous Peoples and Patient Intake and Navigation
  4. Indigenous Peoples and Coordinated Discharge
  5. Indigenous Peoples and Mental Health
  6. Indigenous Peoples and Aging Well
  7. Indigenous Peoples and Palliative Care

Download the Toolkit.


Our FLA OHT strategy is focused on building capacity to support the health and social needs of Indigenous communities.