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guideing principles

Defining the People-Centred Health Home experience 

In order to provide high-quality health care and the best possible experience and outcomes, Health Homes are committed to the following Guiding Principles that ensure the best possible health care quality, experience and outcomes for all:

  • Equitable – making health care available to everyone in a way that strives to meet their needs, cultural and linguistic preferences and eliminates barriers to care
  • Accessible – offering easy access to the care, services and support we need, when, where and how we need it
  • Holistic – caring for physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual needs – not just specific health problems
  • Connected – providing smooth connections to all the services and supports that are needed to ensure high-quality care
  • Continuous  offering continuity of care across the health and wellness team throughout our entire life spans
  • Collaborative – supporting all providers to work together as a team, and with the people they serve, to deliver care and support holistic health and wellness needs
  • Accountable – ensuring we all take responsibility for creating the best possible, evidence-based health-care quality, experience and outcomes