The Canadian Frailty Network has a free web-based program called The AVOID Frailty Program for Healthy Aging. The program is for older adults, aged 60+, residing at home in Kingston, Lennox or Addington counties. To become a member and register for their programs, visit the AVOIDfrailty website. 

After registering for the web-based program, members complete a healthy aging assessment, providing them with a frailty risk, and a report with recommendations to get started.

It allows older adults to connect with over 1000 community programs that support healthy aging in KFL&A, education, and develop/maintain habits for healthy aging.

A shorter follow-up survey every 3 months and the full assessment every 6 months generate progress reports for self-monitoring and allows program staff to evaluate effectiveness.

AVOID stands for:

  • A - Activity
  • V - Vaccinate
  • O - Optimize medications
  • I - Interact
  • D - Diet & Nutrition

The AVOID Frailty Program wants to convey to older adults that:

  • frailty is preventable,
  • small changes can make a difference, and
  • healthy aging starts with you
Elderly man sitting Elderly woman looking alone


Learn  more at www.AVOIDfrailty.ca or call 613-483-9399