Article courtesy of Ali Somers, FLA OHT Digital Projects Coordinator

The Frontenac Lennox and Addington Ontario Health Team (FLA OHT) is committed to improving the digital health capabilities across the FLA region, which will directly improve patient-centered care, better connect frontline health-care providers, and support a system self-management.

FLA OHT Digital Priorities

FLA OHT Digital Priorities

Within the FLA OHT a Digital Support Structure group was created made up of representatives from health-care organizations as well as members experienced in digital solutions, privacy and digital health tool design and implementation. The Digital Support Structure group recently assessed the current digital projects, provincial priorities, community feedback, and Health Home goals to determine four key strategic areas of focus. Moving forward, the digital priorities for the FLA OHT will focus on:

  • a one-record system
  • navigation
  • analytics and
  • improved data sharing

All four of these priorities are connected when it comes to supporting digital health maturity. A successful one-record system needs appropriate data sharing and privacy policies, must be able to effectively use and produce advanced analytics to support system improvement, and it must be designed to make it possible for patients and providers to easily and successfully navigate this health-care system.

Regional collaboration has been incredibly valuable to support system navigation planning and guide a 24/7 health-care navigation plan for FLA OHT that is actively being developed alongside our partners. Smaller pilot projects and working groups within the FLA OHT are also focused on advancing our analytic capabilities and ensuring FLA OHT representation at the key information sharing tables across the province.

There are countless opportunities for improvement when looking at digital health care. As an Ontario Health Team we are committed to providing the best resources for the population while being mindful of provider constraints and needs. Upcoming efforts will focus on standardizing policies and data sharing practices to simplify how providers access information which will advance all four of the FLA OHT digital priorities. As we continue to work on these digital priorities we expect to see care improvements across the region and increased alignment with provincial and regional digital health maturity objectives.