Implementing practices that identify, include and support caregivers as essential care partners is an opportunity for OHTs to achieve their goals of seamless, integrated care and improved transitions for patients and families.

There is also strong evidence linking Essential Care Partner (ECP) practices to improved patient health outcomes and reduced pressures on the health care system. Given the collaborative models of OHTs, they are uniquely positioned to ensure that caregivers are integrated in the continuum of care, regardless of the setting.

Join the Ontario Caregiver Organization for a conversation about how ECP key practices can support the integration of caregivers and benefit your OHT.


  • December 6, 2023 at 12 noon
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Participants will learn about:

  • What an Essential Care Partner Program is and what it can look like in an OHT
  • How caregiver identification, inclusion and support can benefit patients, providers, OHTs and the community
  • New tools and resources OHTs can use to support Essential Care Partner program and practice implementation
  • How to identify key Essential Care Program practices your OHT can implement today

Who would benefit from attending this webinar:

  • Ontario Health Team leadership and administration
  • Caregivers and Patient Partners involved in the development of an Ontario Health Team
  • Ontario Health Team community partner organizations and care providers